Where do I sit?

It is a good idea to have a seating plan in the reception foyer to let your guests know where they are sitting. We highly recommend it, actually its a necessity. I have been witness to a few weddings where the seating plan has been an afterthought and it has resulted in unnecessary stress and confusion. The bride and groom didn’t have a seating plan printed up in the foyer and asked 2 members of the family to had to stand in the foyers and physically walk  guests to their tables. This is an unnecessary waste of human resources, let your guests enjoy the celebration.

This resource allocation error could have been avoided if there was a seating plan placed in the foyer. There are a few ways of creating a seating plan but we will cover 2 today. The table list and the alphabetical list.

The Table list

The table list is quite simple and neat. List the table numbers and below each table, list the people that are sitting on the table. This is a good conversation starter, people like to discuss popularity proximity.

“Where are you sitting”

“We are near the bar”

“We are sitting in the back near the kid’s tables”

✓Pros: Looks neat

Cons: Not the most convenient for large functions

The Alphabetical List

List your guests by name and include the table number they are sitting on. This is a really convenient way of  letting your guests know where they are sitting. I have found a really good example online on the website www.documentsanddesigns.com You can see it below.

✓Pros: Quick and efficient way of finding your table

Cons: Difficult to make neat

Why not do both, print the table list to display in the foyer and leave one list with the event manager or bar for the latecomers.



At White Night Receptions we place the seating charts in a glass frame and place it in the foyer. The size of the paper is 750mm x 900mm. For you convenience I have included some links to 3 different types of table lists for you to download. The files are in Microsoft Word format. After editing the file, you can export it via PDF or leave as is. We recommend that you take it to your local printing store to print and hand it to the event co-ordinate 2 days prior to your function.


20 tables Sign

30 tables Sign

42 tables Sign